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Las Mañanitas

Relax and interact with the community

A beach destination, with volcanic sand, where you will disconnect  of technology to connect with nature.



Community integration

Activities to enjoy a relaxing break. Horseback riding, weddings, learning Spanish, meeting people, black sand beaches, bonfires.


Due to the dangers they face, there are several initiatives to protect the marine turtle and it is one of the main tourist-ecological attractions in the area. There are several turtles that seek their protection and offer the opportunity to observe and participate in the liberation of the rescued nests, as well as in different activities.


The chiquimulilla channel is a long stretch of mangroves that passes through Monterrico. The mangroves in this area are protected as part of the MonterricoHawaii Biotopo Natural Reserve and are home to a great variety of fauna, being a perfect place for bird watching.


The sea turtle is one of the most characteristic animals on the beaches of Guatemala, especially the Monte Rico area and nearby communities. From the months of July and August these creatures begin to spawn on the beaches and after around 40 days the hatchlings hatch and begin their journey through the sand to the sea, where they will continue until one day returning to the same beaches where they were born. . SAVE A TURTLE!